Münster, March 6th 2020

“Snow mountains, more than sea or sky, serve as a mirror to one’s own true being, utterly still, utterly clear, a void, an Emptiness without life or sound that carries in itself all life, all sound.”

This sentence from “The Snow Leopard” by Peter Matthiessen in a wonderfully poetic way describes the moment when the songs on the album appeared in my head.


I had climbed a 6400m summit in the Nepalese Himalayas and decided to cross a lesser-known pass alone in three days off the traditional trekking route. After the pretty frightening crossing of the pass, I was filled with deep peace and happiness on the descent. I had the feeling that the crystal-clear high altitude, the loneliness, the slow walking had cleared my mind of all the debris that lay on my soul and underneath exposed my real self.

A week later, back in town with my guitar, I put the first songs on paper. But not enough. I decided to move to the mountains again, this time with a tent and guitar, to devote myself entirely to songwriting. At 4000m I spent four days in my tent and wrote.

The result are songs that tell fascinating stories from my trip.

Along the way

Pokhara, Nepal, May 31, 2018

How nice it is to meet such exciting people again and again! That applies to all of life, but especially to a trip like this. Many of the people I have met on this trip so far, like me, are looking for something, a higher meaning, answers to spiritual and personal questions or for happiness and satisfaction. You can always learn a lot from these amazing people and come across exciting new questions.

I spent the last day with such a person in a café: Mathilda from Canada, whom I met two weeks ago while trekking and with whom I feel an intense bond. She inspired me so much that I felt the need to write this song after she left. Already, I desperately want to see her again.

Meeting Mathilda

Along the way


          Bm                    D

These people we meet along the way

    Bm                                        D

These people we meet and their impact just doesn’t go away




We meet them half an hour maybe half a day

                  F#m                     A7

But we’ll never forget, what they had to say



They’re so inspiring in their ideas and how they conceive

the world, our feelings and what they believe



O, we wonder, do they know how much they matter

to our hearts and our desperate souls



            Bm    F#m                 D  A

Soulmates – Along the way

       Bm                  F#m               D  A

This strong bond – goes all along

Too Good to go

Münster, August 25, 2017

As delightful as it can be, the mean thing about meeting exciting and wonderful people is that the time together eventually will pass. With some people I find it incredibly difficult to accept that. For example with Sarah, with whom I have spent a lot of time in the past few weeks. Now she’s gone and the intensity of the encounter literally tears me apart. I fluctuate between exuberant happiness about the experience and frustration, anger and desire for more time together. The overwhelming feelings find expression in this song.

Too Good to go


Em               Hm           D          Am

What are you thinking, I don’t know

Em             Hm                 D     Am

What are you feeling, please let it show

Em            Hm         D                   Am

At times it feels so good, just the way it should be

Em     Hm    D    Am      Em   Am   Em

But then again there’s such a distance between you and me


One look in your eyes, how can this be

I feel lost immediately

It’s so intense, this sensation

Have never felt it before, want it to go on and on


C           G         D      Em             C

Now you will leave and I will feel deceived by fate

C         G          D            D7               C

Letting me meet and then take away my soulmate

C G                  D          Em

I know it will crave, my soul

C     G              D         D7

You are way too good


Too good to go



I wonder, how would this go

If we’d have time, to let flow

All of our feelings, without the thoughts

Of the time, that is way, way too short


Now that you’ve left, I feel so alone

I realize this has to go on

I desperately have the need to tell you

That you and me, I want it to become true

Lonesome traveller

Pokhara, Nepal, June 19, 2018

I really enjoy being on my own when traveling. This way, I can decide for myself what I want to do, how and when. And I learn to know and accept myself very intensely when I am by myself. But sometimes there are phases when I want nothing more than a person with whom I can share everything that I have experienced. Today was such a day. Despite it being wonderful to meet so many new people, right now I want to be with people with whom I have a history, whom I do not have to introduce parts of myself to over and over again. I miss my family and friends. Maybe it’s time to go home soon?

Bridge back home

Lonesome traveller


       Em                                    Am

I’m lying in my bed and I feel lonely

   Am                                       Em

I really feel the need to be at home

Em                                         Am

There are a lot of nice people around me

Am                       Em               H7

But still I feel like I am all alone



II: Em G Am Am/H C D :II

Oh, I’m a traveler! Oh, a lonesome traveler!

And despite the great experience, sometimes I feel alone

Oh, I’m a traveler! Oh, a lonesome traveler!

A journey abroad can let you sense, how great it is at home



It’s amazing to be on this great adventure

To see the world, to be completely free

To be alone makes this trip so much more pure

But sometimes all I need is familiarity



I learn a lot about myself by comparing what I see

To all the things at home and to what I believe

The one thing that I miss though is the long lasting bond

Connecting me to friends that I’ve known all along

Craving for the sun

Münster, November 25th, 2018

There are days when I am simply depressed. Even a walk in nature doesn’t help. Even though everything is just fine. I think it’s due to the weather – in autumn all the light suddenly changes and gets dark. This song expresses my mood quite well.

Gm                        Fm

I’m sitting on a bench in the woods

Gm                        Fm

hoping to feel good

Gm                             Fm

I haven’t seen the sun in a while

                      Gm                  Fm

but I could use it for a smile

                        Gm                               Fm

I’m in a bad mood


Gm                             Fm                      Gm

Autumn seems so gray in its first days


can you feel the light change?    Uuuh

Gm                          Fm

Days fade away way too short

                      Gm                  Fm

skies grow windy and cold

                                               Gm        Fm

weighs heavy on your soul



Bbm                           Dm

I’m craving for the sun     aaah

Bbm                        Dm

I sense that I am done     aaah

Bbm                                      Dm

Want to feel it on my face    aaah

Bbm                             Dm        D

Am hoping for some better days

Would you?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, January 24, 2018

When traveling, for me it is always part of the journey to deal critically and questioningly with the local history, culture and way of life. Which evil did people experience here, what shaped them, what do they do better than “us” in the global north? My most moving and depressing experiences were, for example, the Dachau concentration camp, the A-Bomb-Dome in Hiroshima and, on this trip, the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The question that I ask myself is: How can something like this happen? How can millions of people accept and even actively do something like this? I wonder, would I do the same? What would have to happen for me to do this? Perhaps I am already doing it passively, for example when you look at the impending climate catastrophe or the situation with refugees at Europe’s borders? I wish that many more people would actively reflect these questions.

Killing Tree in Phnom Penh

Would you?


Am         C             Em         Am

Would you shoot an unknown person who is like you and me?

Am        C                   Em

Would you invent a bomb to kill hundreds randomly?

Am        C    Em                      Am

Would you give the order of attack although you know

Am            C                     Em

That ten thousand people will suffer from the blow?


Am       C                     Em                    Am

Would you shoot an unknown person who is like you and me?

Am        C                   Em

Would you invent a bomb to kill hundreds randomly?

Am        C           Em                            Am

Would you give the order of attack although you know

                 Am            C                     Em

That ten thousand people will suffer from the blow?


 F              G      C                  Am

The evils of war, they make my heart sore

F                    D                 G         G7

Because they’re not human anymore

C                       Dm                       G

Can you imagine what makes a person do all these things?

C              Dm                G

I do not feel the empathy to grasp any of this

F                      G            C                Am

What does a man feel when he commits such evil?

Dm                      G                        C

Does it hurt or does he feel some pleasure?

F                       G         C                 Am

The threat of your own life, the will to survive

F              G                     C

Does that justify any of these actions?



Would you force a mother to kill a child of her own blood?

Would you attack a person trying to save a comrade in the mud?

Would you help in systematic cleansing of minorities

Ending lives of innocent humans permanently?



Would you smack a child against a tree until it dies?

Would you throw a bomb to wipe out hundreds of lives?

Would you cause excruciating pain just to prove

Someone’s guilty of a crime he didn’t do?

Rise & Fall

Yangon, Myanmar, February 22, 2018

The last few days I have been meditating silently in a Vipassana meditation center. An incredibly intense insight into Buddhist teaching and my own view of the world. Everything that is, everything we do and what we are is impermanent and will eventually pass. And we suffer from it again and again. But is it really a reason to suffer? Why don’t we just accept the impermanence and enjoy every moment even more? This question inspired this song. Like our breath, everything arises and disappears again. If you look closely, everything in this world consists of waves – the coming and going of species, the social development of dynasties and trends, sound, weather, even the elementary particles are actually waves – quite fascinating. If we can accept this phenomenon and, in consequence, not react to the lack of beauty and well-being with desire and craving, and to bad things with aversion and hatred, then a peaceful equanimity may arise.

Deep Meditation

You can have the absolutely recommendable experience of a Vipassana meditation all over the world:

Rise & Fall

II: Am C Em :II



Rise and Fall x3


Feel your breath as it comes and goes

Everything is in a flow


In spring the flowers bloom

In autumn they wither

In the morning sun rises, in the evening it sets

To make way for the moon

A life is born, it grows

Grows old and finally dies

Hunger and thirst arise

And fall silent again



A melody will sound

Only to fade away again

And so will the deep bond

To a long forgotten friend

Even the greatest empire will one day crumble

To make way for something new

Even the tallest, most eternal seeming mountain

One day returns to be sand in the blue



Hatred and war, they come to be

To be followed by times of love and peace

Nothing exists eternally

Is it not this impermanence

That gives us hope in times of darkness?

Is it not this cycle of life

That makes everything more beautiful

That lets life be more worthwhile?

There must not be sorrow or suffering

Be conscious

Be mindful

Be at peace

Two Souls

Pokhara, Nepal, June 26, 2018

” Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast!” Goethe’s Faust

A recurring theme of this trip is my reflection on ambivalences. The two sides that everything in this world contains. One question I intended to answer this trip for is that of the appeasement of the two souls in my chest. For years I have been looking for a way to combine them so that I can find inner peace. Now, I have been in a yoga retreat for a few days and am spending my free time writing songs. And suddenly, while writing this song I found a wonderful metaphor in Hatha Yoga of the two sides inherent in the body and mind, titled Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha) and promptly the (very simple) answer to mine Question.

Two Souls


Em                              Bm                 C

Do you know the feeling that you

       Em                          Bm       C

Are not only one but rather two?

Em                              Bm                   C

One of you loves calm and loves peace

            G                     H7                  Em

But number two is opposite of this


No matter how often you try

To unite and satisfy

The needs of the two, you rarely feel

The joining of your souls coming to be



Bm                 C                G

Two souls, I feel like I have

Bm              C                G

Two souls inside myself

D                     C                 Am             G G/F# Em            H7

Who knows, how do I bring them together?



I feel like I want to be alone

To think about life and turn of my phone

This time for myself is so precious to me

To reflect my thoughts and gather energy


On the other hand I often long

To be with friends and build strong bonds

I show off my skills, am looking for love

Feel like I am always on the move


Maybe it helps to change my view

To look at it in some way new

The sun and the moon, they take their turn

It rarely happens that you see them join


Nevertheless they both are free

To shine their light on us daily

Although they always fluctuate

They are balanced almost every single day



Two souls, like sun and the moon

Who knows, they might always be two

But now I feel like I can embrace that



        C     D                Em

The sun and the moon

     C            D            Em

If you can do start soon

      C               D         Am Bm

To set your souls free

       C              F#       H7

For balance is the key



So take this opportunity

To feel that balance is the key

If you give both souls their very own time

The calmness of you mind will be sublime


Descent from Mesokanto La (5121m), Nepal, May 20, 2018

Chinta Nalinos! (Nepali for “Don’t worry!”)

Since quite some time I have had fun learning the phrase “Don’t worry” in as many languages ​​as possible, as it always brings a smile to the locals face. The sentence semms to be universal, but especially true when travelling. There is rarely a real reason to worry, because in the end everything will somehow turn out in a good way or rather exactly as it should be*.

And now, especially the last two days I am thinking about these coincidences a lot after meeting Mathilda on the way to Tilicho Lake. In addition, the sentence “No Snowflake ever falls in a wrong place.” in Peter Mathiessen’s “The Snow Leopard” popped up very fitting and completely knocked me off my feet. Especially because Mathilda’s nickname is “Snowflake”. Incredible. Most confident and full of happiness because of this knowledge, I now dance with a beautiful reggae song in my mind through the stunning landscape down to the valley.

(Small note: As a white, male, economically well-positioned and tall adult with a German passport, I am one of the most privileged people on this planet. I try to be aware of this constantly. But this awareness should not detract from the mentioned realization.)

The place where I met Mathilda



   Cm                                Gm

I go through the day, it’s beautiful

       Gm                                 Cm

But I don’t see because my mind is full

       Cm                          Gm

I’m in a bad mood, just had a fight

Gm                                     Cm

Asking myself how to make it right

   C#                 G#

Eventually I meet this guy

       Cm                                G

He says “Hello, a buddhist Lama am I

C#                               G#

Let me tell you, as you look stressed

     G                                G7

A little secret about happiness:”


                     Cm            Gm

“Chinta Nalinos!”, the wise man says

Gm                                       Cm

“No snowflake ever falls in the wrong place!

      Cm                  Gm

So worry not and trust in life

 Fm Gm   Cm   Gm   Cm    Fm Gm Cm Gm Cm

and finally you will be in peace at mind.”



I’m with my friends, having fun

Still I feel like I am on the run

My heart is full of random worries

I say to myself “Let me be in peace!”

Suddenly I hear my friends

Talking about a religion called Zen

I remember this wonderful phrase

That had impressed me in its very own ways:

shepherds shelter

Shepherd’s Kharka (3417m), Nepal, May 27, 2018

Everywhere in the Himalayas you can find slate slabs piled up in a square with two thick branches in the middle. These are walls over which traveling yak shepherds can put a tarp to find shelter. I am fascinated by the image of the shepherd because, especially in Christian culture, it is metaphorical for a caring person. I am particularly inspired by Paulo Coelho’s great backpacker novel “The Alchemist”, which is about a shepherd looking for happiness and his purpose in life. All of these things inspired this song, which feels like it has been waiting for a long time to be written by me. Ultimately, the therapist in myself is speaking, who is aware that he time and again needs moments and places of withdrawal and who is sure that everyone, no matter how strong this person might act, also has very sensitive moments in which he needs affection and compassion.

Safe Space

shepherds shelter


   Am          Em      G               Am

The shepherd is an exceptional man with many hidden talents

   Am               Em     G            Am

He’s seen the world, knows many things of peace and of balance

   Am            Em       G                  Am

Takes care of his sheep, knows all their names, their needs and their desires

 Am      Em            G       Em          Am

He leads them all across the land through storm and wind to the shire



F            C              G                Am

But even he who takes care of others, who seems so invulnerable and strong

F          G         Em      Am      G Em Am

Every now and then needs a place to feel at home



                Am    Em Am

II: Shepherds Shelter :II

C      G Am    Em      Am        G Em Am

Even he needs his own safe space



You’d think this shepherd calm and wise is happy by himself

Shows care and love to everyone, would never ask for help

But don’t be fooled by this disguise, don’t think that he never cries

This man, he also has some times when he needs a shelter



If you have a shepherd in your life who’s always there for you

Don’t forget he has his needs, be caring for him too

For a shelter doesn’t have to be a place necessarily

It’s also friends or family, where he can be free

it's Time


Varanasi, India, July 19, 2018

Wow, a really special moment just happened. Reflecting that the trip will soon come to an end, I sat jamming on the guitar on the hostel roof and found the perfect song. I played two chords, immediately thought “They feel good!” In that moment the puja, the nightly Hindu ritual on the banks of the Ganges, started. In addition, a priest was singing in the distance, at exactly the right pitch, matching my two chords. I knew immediately that this would be the song. One of those magical moments that you would love to capture. What a perfect end to this wonderful journey.


II: Fmaj7                   Cmaj7 :II

It’s time to go back home

No further the world to roam

It’s time to let things go

And give life a grateful bow




To end this great experience


To be with your old friends


To relax your thoughtful mind

        Dm                    Fmaj7  Cmaj7

And leave these days behind



To be thankful for the times you’ve had

To accept the feel of being sad

To reflect the special days that passed

And enjoy them to the last



To go back to a peaceful life

To stop to always strive

To give yourself your own space

And be in a homely place