Wut & Liebe

On his new album ‘Wut & Liebe’ (Rage & Love) Gustav sings about his experiences in two years of living and being active in different places of the climate justice movement. The mood in his songs is both intimate, looking inwards, and angry and hopeful about the social perspective. The diversity of his music makes it easy, even for less politically active people, to find an emotional access to action in times of crisis.

More Info

Songwriting and playing: Gustav von Blanckenburg

Featuring: Carina (Vocals, Tambura) & Nambur (Viola)

Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Reiner Wyen

Graphic design: Nine


Special thanks to so many people who, in front of and alongside me

have walked the inspiring and caring paths,

for which I found new words and sounds –

you are part of this album!